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Riot Supps was founded by Athletes for Athletes. Products that deliver results and that put the power and benefit back in your hands.

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What is Riot Supps?

Riot was founded for athletes and people who are looking for results without the fillers, middle men, or empty promises. Our made in America products are highly tested and extremely effective. We don't believe in 'proprietary blends'. You deserve to know what you are taking. For those interested in cutting out the middle man we also offer you the opportunity to earn for any referred sales.

No Selling.

Simply use Riot products and share them however you want. Just post or shout-out the products to friends and social circles and get paid.


No inventory or worrying about shipping. Just share your personal code and get paid.

Retail Commissions.

Earn 15% on each referred retail sale as an Ambassador. Athletes (currentluy using Riot products) earn 30% on each referred retail sale.

Team Commissions.

Athletes get paid on every sale from their referrals and their network of friends up to 10 levels of athletes. (36%)

Products and Growing
Percent Commission
Billion $ Industry

Benefits of Riot

Our full line up of professional products offer the best-in-class supplements delivered directly to your doorstep.


Let our systems do all the work and focus on what you do best.

Residual Income

With just a few hours/week you could earn a couple hundred extra bucks.

Do Great Things

Give yourself the opportunity to achieve your fitness and financial goals.

No Proprietary Blends.

Nothing to hide. Simply effective.

Designed for Performance.

Products you need with quality you deserve.

Made in the USA.

Intensely tested and made in FDA registered facilities.

Market Priced.

Cut the middle man, don't overpay.

Get the benefits of Riot

Unlock your potential at your own pace. NO enrollment fee. NO monthly fees. Ambassadors earn 15% Retail Commissions. Athletes get paid on 10 levels of athletes and 30% for retail referred sales.

A Legit Opportunity

Forget paying retail prices and all the middle men along the way. Also, trash those slimy affiliate programs that pay peanuts or other high-pressure sales companies. Rep a legit opportunity.

No Selling.

You don't have to throw parties or allienate friends. Simply use Riot products. Get results. Share your experience. Get paid.


The most simple and honest opportunity available.

Real Recurring Commissions.

Earn up to 30% each time someone buys retail Riot products. Get paid up to 36% on recurring Team sales and enjoy a ton of perks and bonuses available.

Join the Riot today!

Getting started is as simple as ordering a product. Take back control with Riot.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Why Riot?

Founded by athletes with real experience our products are geared towards delivering results. We were sick of spending money on overpriced products and promoting their brand while getting nothing in return. We were also tired of supplement companies taking advantage of their athletes, using them to promote and grow their business without providing them fair compensation.
Our goal is to disrupt the industry and empower all athletes. Our simple and generous business model will help athletes maintain and improve their lifestyle. We are committed to helping our athletes succeed and achieve their every goal.

Is this for real?

Absolutely. By cutting out the middle man in the sales chain we are able to put Athletes as our top priority. That means FREE SHIPPING, BIG COMMISSIONS, and BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE. We do all this without an enrollment fee or ongoing fees to you. We want to put the power back in your hands.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as simple as signing up or buying a product. Be sure to enroll in our Athlete subscription service so that you automate your order and get your supps delivered for free each month.

What if I am not a good salesperson or huge athlete?

Listen, we don't want to put you in a box. You are your own person. Frankly, the most successful individuals are those who are not pro's. Put in effort and you will see results.

We consider 'Athletes' to be anyone concerned with becoming better and purusing goals no matter the size.

Simply share the products in a way that you are comfortable with. In using the products, be sure to set up a goal for yourself and a plan to help you get there. That's it.

Is this one of those MLM's?

No. We are not a high-pressure sleazy sales company with fake products. We don't require a sign up. You don't have to stock product up. You don't have to hijack everyone's social feeds or push some nuts $000's packages to your friends and family.
Simply put, do you use supplements? If you don't you should. If you do, you should get paid for it. Order and share with Riot and get paid.

I have some questions about how to start

Shoot us an email at or reach out to us on our social media accounts.

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